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House-Hunting With Children: Four Helpful Ideas

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Looking for the perfect home for you and your children can be a challenge, but there are a few strategies you can use to ensure the process goes smoothly. Here are a few ideas you can use as you look for properties for sale.

Look For Potential Childproofing Problems

Some homes may simply not be right for your children. For example, a home with a balcony on the second floor may pose a hazard for small toddlers who like to climb, and a home without a fenced-in backyard can make it more difficult for your kids to play outside unsupervised. As you visit each home, look for any things that stand out as a potential problem, and consider whether or not you can create a workaround for them. Some issues may be deal-breakers for parents with young children, while others may be easy to correct with a bit of childproofing. Knowing the potential problems can help you to determine which home is right for your children.

Limit Your Children's Visits

You want your children to see the homes you are most interested in, but that doesn't mean they have to accompany you on every home visit. Limit their visits to the homes you are serious about purchasing, and arrange a time with your real estate agent for your children to explore the homes. This will give the current owner an opportunity to move any breakable items before your visit. Be sure to show each child his or her potential bedroom to help them get excited about the possibility of moving.

Talk About Each House

It's important for your children to understand that you haven't purchased the houses you visit. They may be a bit nervous or apprehensive about moving, and visiting several houses may cause some confusion. Having a talk with them before you visit each house can help to alleviate some of that anxiety and confusion. Explain that you are simply looking for your new home and you need their opinion before you make a decision.

Tour The Neighborhood

Your children will be moving to a new neighborhood, not just a new home. Take drive around the neighborhood when you visit each home as a family, and point out any parks, schools or other attractions your kids might be interested in. This will help them to envision living in the new area. If the weather is nice, you can even have the kids play in the local park as a reward for good behavior during the house showing. You might also want to consider arranging a tour of the local elementary school as part of your neighborhood tour.

Talk to your real estate agent about your concerns, and ask for any other ideas he or she might have to help you and your children as you search for the perfect new home.