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Considering Property Maintenance Services? Check Out These Faqs

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When you own several properties, it's just not logical for you to be able to tackle every maintenance task or repair job that needs to be done. This is one reason why so many landlords choose to work with a property maintenance company to keep their properties in tip-top shape. If you are starting to get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of calls you get from tenants who need your attention to property matters, it could very well be time for you to do the same. Take a peek at these commonly asked questions about property maintenance services and the answers you will want to know. 

What kinds of problems do property maintenance services handle?

Property maintenance services can handle a broad range of maintenance tasks that usually come up in residential setting, but they also often offer more specialized services as well. A few examples of some of the services these companies may provide include:

  • general property cleanup 
  • gutter cleaning and repairs
  • tree removal and stump grinding 
  • window replacements or glass pane repairs
  • door installation 
  • HVAC services, including ductwork and duct cleaning if necessary
  • flooring installation and repairs
  • plumbing repairs and maintenance 
  • painting, both interior and exterior
  • carpet cleaning services 

If you have several properties, will the company give you better prices?

In general, most contractors and professional services of this nature can cut you a small break on pricing if you have a lot of work that needs to be done. This can be especially helpful if you own a huge apartment complex or several rental houses that are in constant need of repairs or attention. Likewise, if you are planning to hire a property maintenance company for a large-scale job, such as renovating a whole home or painting an entire apartment complex, you may pay less than what you would for individual jobs. 

Will you have to provide materials for projects?

It is not common for the landlord to have to provide materials to a maintenance crew for projects unless this is just something you prefer to do. Most of the time, any task you call on the company to do will involve you getting an estimate of the overall costs, which includes materials. In some cases, you may already have materials on hand to supply or it would be logical for you to help get the right materials. For example, if you have used a certain paint color for one apartment and want the same in another, you can provide the paint that you prefer to the company for use. 

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