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Attract Buyers With These Two Unusual Marketing Ideas

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Selling a home is a numbers game. The more people who see your listing, the better the chances the right buyer will come along and take the home off your hands. While there are many standard marketing tactics you can and should engage in, here are two unusual ones that may have a bigger impact and attract the attention of hungry buyers.

Make an Interesting Home Tour Video

While the internet has its faults and challenges, you can reach a lot of people within a short period of time with the right type of content. While it's difficult to predict exactly what will catch the internet community's fancy (well, cats are always a winner), one thing you can try is to make an otherwise boring home tour video more interesting by adding humor or other odd tidbits buyers would love.

For instance, one company (DNB Bank) created a montage of the family's life in the home to give it a sense of personality and providing potential buyers a taste of what it may be like to live there. Another company used the age old "sex sells" model of advertising by having cleverly covered nude actors walk around the space.

There are many different concepts you can use to make your home tour video stand out and possibly go viral. However, don't let your idea overshadow the underlying goal of the video, which is to show off the home and to help buyers see how the house will fit into their lives. Additionally, gain multiple perspectives about your idea and preferably from people outside your normal social circle. Something you think is humorous may actually be offensive, and going through with it may cause your listing to become infamous for all the wrong reasons.

Use Star Power

Another thing you can do is name drop to get attention. If you know your home was owned or lived in by a famous person, don't be afraid to use that to your advantage. There are many people out there who would buy the home just for bragging rights, so researching the history of owners may provide you with some recognizable names to drop when buyers come to look at the home.

However, don't just limit your search to your house. Look around the community for star power you can tap into. It's not unusual for minor or retired celebrities to move to small and/or relatively unknown places for privacy. Letting buyers know there is a famous person or two who live in the area may be enough to launch your home to the top of their lists.

For more ideas on ways to market your home, contact a real estate agent.