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3 Ways to Find Property in a Rural, Mountainous Area

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Living in the mountains is a dream that many people have, but few people fulfill. But you can make this dream a reality if you're willing to move and purchase a new home. However, it might be hard to search for real estate property in a rural mountain area since it's a bit different from house hunting in a city or suburb. Some homes may not be listed, though the owners are more than willing to part with them. Other homes may be listed, but so hard to find out in the winding roads that you may never come across them. So, in order to find a home in the mountains, you'll want to follow these strategies.

Look for Vacation Rentals

A lot of homes that owners use as vacation rentals would actually be for sale if the right buyer came along. Owners often start renting out their homes after they've had them listed for years without finding a buyer. (There just aren't that many people looking for rural mountain homes, so sellers can struggle to find a buyer.) 

Start browsing various websites that list vacation rentals. Stay in ones that you like for a few days. There's no better way to find out if a home is for you than to live in it! If you enjoy the home, contact the owner and ask if they are willing to sell.

Talk to the Locals

Often in mountain towns, everyone knows everyone else and their business. There may be rumors that Mr. Smith is going to sell his cottage, though he has not gotten around to it. Sit down in some local cafes and stores, and start chatting up those you meet. Just mention that you're thinking of moving to the area but have not found a home yet. You never know who will point you in the direction of the perfect mountain home!

Talk to a Realtor

There are not a lot of realty offices in rural mountainous areas, and they don't always advertise online like realtors in more developed areas. But if you talk to some of the locals and look for advertisements in stores, you may find an independent realtor who handles listings and rentals in the area. Contact this person or their company, and ask them about the homes available. You may need to use them as your agent, even though they are also the agent representing the seller, simply because they are the only agent in the area. However, be assured that most realtors have had extensive training to handle delicate situations like this and can make sure both your needs and the seller's needs are met.