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Determining If You Need Bed Bug Pest Control In Utah

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Sometimes people are not sure whether or not they need professional bed bug pest control in Utah or not. When a beg bug infestation is small, people may question if they are being bit by something else while they sleep. Some people wonder if they are pinching themselves or scratching themselves in their sleep. However, there are other signs besides the bites that bed bugs leave behind that anyone can look for to determine whether or not they need professional bed bug pest control in Utah. One of the most obvious ways to determine if someone has a bed bug infestation or not is to see bed bugs themselves. While it is not very common to see one when the infestation is small, there is always the chance that someone could find one. The bed bug has five different nymph stages and one adult stage. Even the adult bed bug can look very different depending on whether or not it has recently fed. An adult bed bug that has fed will have an elongated body, that will look very much like a queen ant, but not as large, and generally they are brown. The five different nymph stages are going to be even more different than the adult that has fed or not. A very small and white bug is how the bed bug appears in the smallest nymph stage. As the bed bugs grow, they develop a yellowish colored body. If they have fed, then the inner area that can be seen through the skin of the bug looks brown. Most bed bugs are going to be less than 5mm in size. Bed bug eggs look similar to ant eggs. If anyone sees bed bugs, then they definitely need to get professional bed bug pest control in Utah. Another sign that there are bed bugs, are the fecal stains that can show up under the mattress, especially in the corners where the mattress and the box spring meet. Additionally, as a bed bug grows, it will cast its skin. When the skin has been cast, it is left behind. Many people will find cast skins near the fecal stains. Any sign of either of these two things should result in a call to a professional that specializes in bed bug pest control in Utah. If these were not enough signs, there are others that can help someone determine whether or not they are dealing with bed bugs. Another sign is little blood stains on sheets and clothing that were worn to bed. Of course there are a lot of other things that can create blood stains, which is why it is a good idea to look for other symptoms of bed bugs before calling an exterminator. However, it is highly likely that there are bed bugs when there are pinprick size blood stains on sheets, blankets or clothing. Sometimes there can be larger stains from a bed bug that was squished after it fed. This can happen just from someone turning in bed during the night. Anyone that finds blood stains, fecal stains, or skin castings is going to need to call a professional to get the help that they need to exterminate bed bugs. There are few things more uncomfortable than knowing that a bed is being shared by a bunch of bed bugs that feast on the person as they sleep. Most people are more than relieved when they get their bed bug infestation eradicated by a professional company like Beeline Pest Control. They tend to enjoy a much more restful and peaceful sleep. It definitely is worth it to get professional pest control rather than waiting until the problem gets worse.