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Eager To Find A Home Perfect For Your Cats? 3 Features To Keep An Eye Out For

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House hunting when you have pets can come with some unique demands, making it a good idea to come up with one of the top features that you want before making a decision and signing any paperwork for buying the home. Instead of simply visiting open houses without an idea of what features would be best for your cats, consider the following features and how they can help you and your cats love your new home without any regrets.

Interior Ledges Near the Ceilings

Since cats often love being perched up high with a good view down below, it's a good idea to look for homes that have ledges near the ceiling. What this means is that your cat can have a secure place to sit up high and watch over everything going on in your home. Ledges in high-traffic areas can be especially nice since your cats will have plenty to look at. Many newer houses have these ledges, making them a nice feature to keep an eye out for so that you will feel confident that you feel that your cats have a way to stay entertained at home.

Patio Space That's Easy to Enclose

One of the best ways to keep your cat entertained when they're strictly an indoor cat is to have a small enclosed patio space. With an enclosed space outside, your cat can get some fresh air and even hang out with some pet-safe plants that you have potted outside in the patio. The enclosed space can also help ensure that your cat can't simply jump out, making them feel much more comfortable in your home. This will also help provide you with the peace of mind that they can't run away.

Large Windows with a View

Another way to keep your indoor cats entertained is to have large windows with a nice view. Even though the windows themselves are an important feature to consider looking for, you'll also want to prioritize some windows that have large window ledges that provide a great spot for your cats to sit down or lie on while looking outside

As you begin to house hunt, you'll want to keep the needs of your cats in mind. With the features above being made priorities while house hunting, you'll be able to find an even better place to call home that will ensure that your cats will be comfortable in your new home as well.