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Questions To Ask The Home Inspector When Buying A House

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You are not required to get a home inspection before you buy a house, but doing so is a great idea. If you are house hunting and find a house you want to buy, you should include a contingency in your offer that it must pass a home inspection. This will protect you and will help you learn more about the house you are about to purchase. You should plan on being there when the inspector does this. Here are some questions you may want to ask him or her about the house.

Do you have any concerns about water drainage with the home?

If the home has a basement, you should discuss water drainage concerns and issues with the inspector. Whenever there is a basement in a home, there is a chance of water getting in. The home inspector will look closely at several things related to drainage, including the gutters and waterproofing of the basement, which can help him or her know the risk level of water getting in. If water gets in easily, it can create a lot of problems, and it can be very expensive to pay for water damage repairs.

What repairs or expenses do you suspect will be needed for the systems in the home?

You may also want to talk to the inspector about the condition of the major systems in the home. This can include the HVAC system, plumbing system, and electrical system. The inspector will be able to tell you the condition of these things and any repairs the systems currently need. He or she might also be able to tell you what types of repairs or updates these systems may need in the near future. Knowing these things can help you prepare if you follow through with buying this home.

Are there any areas of the home that concern you?

The inspector will prepare a report that states all the findings of the inspection, but you could always ask him or her if there are any major concerns with this house. The inspector is likely to tell you if there are any, and this too can help you decide if you really want to buy this particular house. If the problems are too major, you could always back out of the deal without losing anything.

If you are present during the inspection, you will have an opportunity to learn more about the house and ask questions. To find out other details about the home-buying process, talk to an agent in your city.