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Are You Getting Quotes For A Home Addition? Learn What Items May Or May Not Be Included In The Estimate

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If your current home is too small to meet your needs, you may be considering building on to your home. A home addition is a great option if you love your home, yet don't have the space you need in it, have space in which you can build on to your home, or can't afford to sell your home and buy the size of home you need. Before the addition can be built, you will want to obtain an estimate from a variety of home contractors. However, going with the lowest priced estimate may not always be the cheapest route. This is because some contractors include everything in the price quote, and others do not. Here are a few of the things that you should look for when you are comparing estimates:

Approval, Certification, and Permit Costs

When you are getting a quote from a home contractor, the home contractor may or may not provide you with an estimate for any building permits, building certification or construction approval costs. The costs associated with these things vary based on what your county charges for them. But they can add up quickly if you need several permits. When getting an estimate, ask a contractor if they pull permits or if you are required to. If they ask the homeowner to pull the permits, the cost is likely not included in their quote. If they pull the permits, the cost should be factored in. 

The Cost of Specialty Sub-Contractors

Another expense that may or may not be included in a home contractor's quote for a home addition is the cost for specialty sub-contractors. This includes plumbers, electricians, engineers and even concrete specialists. In some cases, a home contractor will only quote you for the work they are doing on your project. They will not quote you for the work that other contractors need to do, as they may not know how much exactly they will charge. However, the contractor should have a rough idea as to what contractors they will need to sub-contract work out to and a rough idea as to how much those contractors charge. If this information is not included in your quote, as them to provide you with a rough estimate, even if it is not in writing, as to what the other contractors will charge. 

The Expense of Finishing Materials

The last item that may or may not be included in your estimate for a home addition is your finishing materials. This includes paint, flooring, window covers and light fixtures. The reason this may not be included is that you the contractor has no idea if you prefer inexpensive carpet or high-end natural stone floors. Some may quote you a mid-range price for the items in your space, while others may leave it blank and let you figure out what you want to spend to finish the space. 

Before you hire a home contractor to complete an add-on for your home, you will want to get estimates from at least three different companies. Knowing what may or may not be included in the estimate helps you determine if there are hidden expenses you may be looking at when hiring one company compared to another. This helps you properly compare the quotes and hire the contractor who is best suited for your home construction project.