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Signs That A Home For Sale Hasn't Been Maintained

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Viewing a home for sale will give you a limited amount of time to check out the place and see if you like it. In addition to getting a general feel of the home, you'll want to pay attention to things that can tell you the  home hasn't been maintained over the years. Watch out for these 4 things. 

The Landscaping 

Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. Look at how the front of the home looks in terms of the  landscaping. Is it overgrown and need a lot of work? If this is how the current owner's treat the outside of  their home that other people can see, think of what must be happening inside the home. It will not be  surprising to find other places that have been neglected if the landscaping needs a lot of work. 

The Paint

One fix that is easy and cheap to do is painting, which is why it is worth watching for signs that the home  needs a major touch up. Look at both the interior and exterior paint. If there is peeling paint on the outside  of the home in places that can only be reached by a ladder, there may be neglect to the roof and gutters. 

The Roof 

Some basic roof problems can be identified from the ground. Look for shingles that are missing, curling,  or discolored. These are all signs that a roof is getting old and may need replacement in the near future.  Are you prepared to shell out the cash for a new roof so soon? If not, consider passing on the house.  Roof damage can also cause damage to the home's interior. For example, missing shingles can cause  issues with water damage in the attic. Since the attic is not a place you typically check out until the home  inspection, roof damage can give you a heads up of potential problems. 

The Caulking 

Always inspect the condition of the caulking used in a bathroom. If it looks moldy and ready to fall out,  there could be an issue with water getting into the place that the caulk is trying to stop. Caulk is an  essential part to any bathroom, and it will prevent water from getting into small spaces and growing mold.  These are just a few ways that you can tell a home hasn't been maintained. Get in touch with a local real estate agent for more tips on what to look for.