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Three Ideas To Help Your Real Estate Agent Sell Your Home

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Most people opt to hire a real estate agent when they are trying to sell their current home. There's just too much to know, and especially if you haven't been through the process before, a good real estate agent can make the process a lot easier for you. But no matter how good your real estate agent is, there are a few things you can do to help make their job easier. Many people choose to do interior staging, which can certainly help, but they often overlook other key aspects. Here are three ways you can help facilitate finding interested buyers.

Create Curb Appeal 

While it's true that the home you are selling is what's most important, you need to get people in the door first. Prospective buyers often drive by properties they are interested in before setting up a showing or attending an open house. If your house doesn't look neat and tidy and appealing on the outside, buyers will naturally assume the same lack of care will apply to the inside.

  1. Rent a power washer from your local home store. Use it to completely clean the siding on both your home and garage as well as any other outbuildings, such as a shed. Sparkling clean siding can go a long way in generating interest.
  2. Trim the hedges and plant fresh flowers in your hanging baskets or planters. Make sure the lawn is regularly mowed, and if there are any bare spots, lay new sod or re-seed it.
  3. Add a few decorative touches, such as new house numbers, mailbox and a flag, and if you have a front porch, make sure it looks welcoming. Consider adding a seating area to highlight the space.

Spruce Up The Basement

Not everyone has a finished basement, and that's okay. But if your home is older and has a dark and creepy basement, before you return that power washer, spray the walls and rafters. Get rid of icky cobwebs, spiders, and dust bunnies. Once it is clean and dry, rent a paint sprayer, and apply a coat of bright white paint with mold and mildew resistant paint. Replace any dim light bulbs, and if the laundry area is in the basement, make it a little more welcoming. No one wants to spend time in a dungeon.

Give Your Home A Fresh Scent

Skip cooking fish or other malodorous items that tend to hang while you are trying to sell your home. If you have pets, make sure the litter box is immaculate and the dog regularly shampooed and deodorized. Before an open house, simmer a few cinnamon sticks and vanilla to create a homey smell.