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Budget Tips For Selling Your House

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Some people have a nice amount of equity in a home when they have to sell it. This gives them some wiggle room as they work through pricing, real estate agents, and offers. For those who have little or no equity on their homes, it's more challenging to sell because it does take some money to sell a house. If you are hoping to sell your house but you are on a budget, here are some tips to consider.

1. Deep clean and clear out. 

You might not be able to afford a home stager, but you can still do wonders with your own furniture by making sure everything is spotless. Take time to polish mirrors and windows, and take away clutter like throw blankets and a child's artwork on the fridge. You want a space to look open. If you have furniture that clutters up a space, move most of the furniture out, leaving just a chair or two in the living room, a small table in the dining area, and your bed in the bedroom. This way, when people look at your home, it'll feel more spacious to them. 

2. List it for sale by owner.

You may not have the cash to pay a real estate commission. If you absolutely cannot afford it, you might try listing your house for sale by owner. Post it to local swap websites and social media. Just make sure you still stay open to buyer's agents. If you aren't, buyer agents may not want to show clients you home because there is nothing in the sale for them to benefit. 

Try to do everything you can to market your house. Hold an open house. Fill out disclosure documents. Allow people the time to see your home. Keep it clean while it is on the market. 

3. Price it fairly. 

You might be tempted to price your home higher so you can maybe break even on the sale. However, you house won't sell at all if it is not priced well, leaving you stuck paying the mortgage for longer. You should pay to have it appraised before listing just to make sure you are asking in the right price range. People who are looking may write off your house entirely because it is too high for their budget, or because other houses like yours are selling for much less than you are asking. 

If you have more questions about homes for sale, contact a real estate agency in your area.