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Kid Friendly Home Features To Consider When House Shopping

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Are you looking for a home for your growing family? If so, you may be looking for features that are more kid friendly. Be sure to consider the following X things when shopping for homes if you want your keep your kids in mind.

Ranch Style

Consider focusing more on ranch style homes that only have one floor instead of two. When your children are very young, that single floor will be nice since you won't have to put up baby gates at the top and bottom of each staircase. It also makes putting a young child to bed easier, since you do not have to carry them up the stairs.


You may love the look of hardwood flooring, but you'll find that carpeting works better for small children that are playing in your home. The surface is just much more comfortable for them, easier to cushion their falls, and softer on their feet in the bedrooms. When your kids are very young, you'll appreciate not having squeaky floorboards that will wake them up when you use the bathroom in the middle of the night.


One feature that you'll want to look for in a bathroom is having an actual bathtub. Many homeowners are remodeling their bathrooms to be more modern, and ditching the bathtub in exchange for a walk in shower. While this may look nice, it is not practical for bathing small children. You'll really want to have a bathtub that makes it easier to fill up with water for play time and getting clean.

Fenced Yard

Your kids are going to start playing more in the backyard as they get older, and chances are that you do not want to supervise them 100% of the time that they are out there. Having a fenced off yard can give you some peace of mind that they will stay in the yard instead of wandering off in the neighborhood. If there is not a fence around the yard, look for a yard that can easily be fenced off. You don't want to have to remove trees or deal with big elevation changes that will make a fence installation difficult.

These are just a few kid friendly features that you should consider when shopping for a single family home. For more ideas, speak to your real estate agent. They may have some interesting suggestions for features that you may not have thought of.