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Ready to Rent a Studio Apartment? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself While You're Looking

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If you're looking for a studio apartment, you know that your living space is going to be limited. But, that doesn't mean that the living space can't be liveable. You can rent a studio apartment, and still have plenty of space to stretch out and get comfortable, especially if you know what you're looking for. Here are four questions you should ask yourself when you're shopping for a new place to rent. 

Is There Room to Go Up?

If you're going to be renting a studio apartment, the first thing you want to do is look at the ceilings. You might not think that the ceilings are important. But, when you're renting a studio apartment, the ceilings become very important. For instance, high ceilings will allow you to use a loft bed, instead of a traditional ground-level bed. With a loft bed, you can have extra living space below the bed. Also, with high ceilings, you can hang more things up, including hanging baskets and shelves for additional storage space. 

Is There Extra Storage Space?

Speaking of storage space. If you're going to be renting a studio apartment, make sure the one you choose comes with a storage unit or storage closet. An extra storage unit will allow you to open up more of your studio apartment to use as actual living space. That's because you can put the things you don't use daily into the storage space. If you're worried about dust, give the storage area a good cleaning before placing anything into space. That way you can make it more usable for storage. Placing shelves in your storage area will make your belongings more accessible. 

Are There Standard-Size Appliances?

If you're going to rent a studio apartment, you should expect to get good use out of the appliances. Many rentals come furnished with mini appliances. Mini appliances may give you more space in a studio apartment, but they're not always the best for cooking or food storage. To make sure you can prepare your food properly, look for something that includes standard-size appliances. This is especially important where the stove and refrigerator are concerned. 

Are There Plenty of Usable Windows?

Finally, if you're looking for a studio apartment, take a close look at the windows. You might not realize this, but natural light can make your living space look much larger. Not only that, but usable windows will increase the fresh air and ventilation. Before you move, make sure it has plenty of usable windows. 

Contact landlords who have available studio apartments to learn more.