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Buying A New Family Home? 4 Things To Look For

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When you have kids, basically every decision that you make is based on them, and buying real estate is really no exception. While when you were younger and single, you could live just about anywhere that you wanted, but when you have kids, things are a bit different. When you are looking for a single-family home for sale to raise your kids in, you will want to make sure it is big enough, that it's in a good neighborhood, that there are parks close by, and that the public school system has good ratings. 

1. Big Enough

No, you don't need to have a mansion to raise kids in, but kids need some space to run around and play in, so you will want some more square footage. Depending on how big your family is, you may want a house big enough to give each kid their own bedroom. At a minimum, though, you will want something like a family room or playroom where your kids can play, explore, and just have fun without you worrying about them destroying furniture or messing anything up. 

2. Good Neighborhood

You want to keep your family as safe as possible, so make sure you are looking for a single-family home in an area that has a low crime rate. Also, look for a neighborhood that has tons of families in it so that you know there are other people that are in a similar boat as you. 

3. Parks

Keeping kids busy can seem like a full-time job (especially when they're not in school for the summer). While you may be able to keep them occupied with a tablet or screen for a little bit, getting them outside is just what they need to get their wiggles out. Look for a neighborhood that has plenty of kid-friendly parks with playground equipment, green space, and soccer fields for them to run around in. 

4. Good schools

If you are planning on sending your kids to public schools, then you will want to make sure they are going to schools in the right district. One of the best ways to tell the quality of a school is to look at their test scores, which you can find online. When you see how all the kids in the school are testing, you can rest assured that your kids are learning as much as they should be. 

Buying a home when you have a family is more about the location and less about the kitchen. To learn more, reach out to your real estate agent.