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Personalized Real Estate Agent Services for Very Specific Preferences

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A useful strategy for a family trying to find their dream home is by working with a real estate agent who can provide truly personalized services. Many men and women end up looking at numerous homes that aren't entirely suitable because an agent is so eager to make a sale. More personalized real estate services focus on the must-have features the customer wants and those that are unacceptable. 

A List of Details

For best results, the real estate shoppers should provide the agent with a list of details they insist on. These typically include a minimum amount of square footage and a minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Some shoppers want on a one-story home, while others will not consider a ranch style with all the bedrooms grouped at one end. The size of the backyard may be important to you as well. A family might only be interested in waterfront property where they can keep a boat and go swimming.

Features that can't be added later relatively easily also should be included. An example would be a home with two fireplaces. 


Various aspects of the location are essential to consider. Living on a street with a lot of traffic may be unacceptable for a family with small children. Some individuals prefer a particular side of town, especially if they want to avoid long commutes. Many people are only willing to live in a specific town, city, or suburb. Others are more open to different parts of a metro area.

Filtering the Search

After the real estate agent learns about these requirements and the maximum price the customers will pay, filtering the daily search results in a personalized way is easy. The agent will contact the shoppers each time a suitable home is posted on the market.

Adjusting the Parameters or Staying Patient

If it turns out that the family's preferences might be too specific, they may be willing to make some adjustments when the search is taking longer than expected. One possibility would be reducing the required square footage a little. The shoppers could be surprised by the beautiful home with 2,500 sq. ft. instead of 2,800. This place may still be spacious enough for dinner parties and still have plenty of room for several kids to play. 

Otherwise, if they don't need to move soon, the family may decide to be patient and wait for the ideal home to come available. Eventually, a listing will appear for a big house in a quiet neighborhood in the preferred part of town.