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Unsure About Retiring In A Golfing Community? Important Points To Consider

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Those who are approaching retirement age with plans to sell their current home have a lot of decisions to make. During this period of life, friends and relatives tend to offer advice that only serves to make the decision-making process more difficult. For example, your well-meaning friends and family members are likely to offer differing opinions on whether or not you should buy a home in a retirement community, such as one built on a golf course. Soon-to-be retirees who feel confused and unsure about the benefits of relocating to a golf course community can use the following information to help them make the right decision.

Golf course communities provide peace and privacy

At first glance, seniors who are considering the purchase of a golf course home may worry about privacy and noise. In reality, golf course homes typically offer more privacy and less noise than people may expect. This is due to the fact that golf is a daylight game, so homeowners can look forward to solitude during the late evening through early morning hours, especially in homes that back directly to the course.

Golf course communities have important restrictions

Retirees who purchase a home on a golf course are taking a deliberate step toward living life with more enjoyment. Well-planned golf course communities utilize specific restrictive covenants designed to benefit their residents.

Some examples of beneficial restrictions commonly used in golf course communities include: 

  • Restrictions on age
  • Restrictions on landscaping, outdoor lighting, and parking
  • Restrictions on where golf carts may be used

Limits like these help to ensure that the community is quiet and that residents experience a more stress-free environment.

Golf course communities offer camaraderie and activities

Another important reason to consider the purchase of a home in a golf course retirement community is to enjoy the camaraderie of other residents in similar age groups and situations. Most golf course communities help to foster these new friendships by providing activities and services within the borders of the community. 

Seniors who are planning to retire to a house in a golf course community can usually expect to find amenities like pools, tennis courts, community centers with exercise equipment, and space for hosting games and gatherings. Many of these communities also seek to make the lifestyle even more convenient by including hair salons, retail stores, restaurants, and other services.

Those who need more convincing to move ahead with purchasing this type of retirement home should take time to tour a golf course community with a reputable real estate agent before making a final decision. The agent can provide further information about the retirement golfing community