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What Do Title Examiners Do? What Skills Do They Need?

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Title examiners work with legal institutions, insurance companies, and real estate agencies to determine the legal status of properties. If you want to purchase land or premises, the title must be clear of legal issues or liens. Among the first steps of your purchase process is to get the title checked.

Financial institutions only loan you money to purchase a property whose title is clear. So, you will need the services of title examiners to check the status of the property. Below are the roles of title examiners and their skills to offer you the best services.

What Do Title Examiners Do?

Title examiners perform a series of activities for a successful search. Their day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • Acquire maps that show property delineations from different sources

  • Summarize title documents like contracts, mortgages, and trust deeds, that affect property title

  • Enter documentation data into the database to update title records

  • Prepare and issue title commitments and insurance policies based on information from the search

  • Evaluate whether restrictions such as delinquent taxes affect the present title status or property use

  • Analyze requests to determine the category of title evidence needed

  • Verify the legal status of properties, e.g., restriction, ownership, and potential for sale

What Skill Set Do Title Examiners Need?

You want to be sure that the title examiner you hire has excellent skills for a proficient search. Such skills include:

Excellent Communication

You and your title examiner maintain an interpersonal relationship as you work together for an effective search. The real estate industry is also full of complex ideas and situations that you may encounter. Title examiners with excellent verbal and written skills communicate even complex matters in a way you can easily understand.

Computer Skills 

Real estate title examiners use database systems and other computer applications to input information, search, and verify title deed statuses. A given level of technological literacy goes a long way to ensure a successful title search.

Technical Knowledge

Title examiners work with legal and real estate documents for which technical knowledge is required. With technical, industry-specific knowledge, title examiners are better equipped to achieve the set goals.


Real estate title examiners come in handy whenever you need to purchase a property. You wouldn't want to purchase a house or land with pending court cases or lines. Always contact a title examiner service such as The Title Doctors Inc. as you begin the purchase to ensure the legality of the title of the property you want to purchase.